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Power Washing

professional exterior cleaner cleaning walls

We use the most modern technologies to ensure that your home or commercial property is as clean as possible. A power-washer is a high-pressure stream of hot water that can blast away dirt  and materials from outdoor surfaces. The combination of high-pressure water and its temperature make it a very efficient method by which to remove tough stains and materials from surfaces. It’s fantastic if you’re looking to remove mold and moss from outdoor patios or on roofs. The powerful blasts of hot water can actually prevent weeds and moss from growing back immediately. This heavy duty approach is ideal in any instance where the surface has a lot of dirt to remove.


At Portland Exterior Cleaning Specialists, we take enormous pride in the fact that we can deliver our services using the latest commercial cleaning products - to the highest of standards that exceed the expectations of our customers. That’s why we recently procured the newest power-washers available on the market. Creating the right impression of your business can start with its facade. It is likely that these spaces accrue dirt quicker than others, due to airborne debris and the significant footfall. If outside spaces start to look dirty, the area can not only become unsightly but also unhygienic. Make sure yours stays clean with our services!

Power Washing

This approach can prove an effective solution for an array of structures and surfaces at your home or commercial property. It is suitable for cleaning windows and buildings, as well as roofs and gutters. The attention to detail with which we work is one of the reasons we are so highly regarded. Our investment in these power-washers is testament to our conviction that our clients deserve the best, and only that. Power Washing can be an effective solution for dirt and grime that is harder to remove - making the front of your property look brand new again!


With power-washing, the machines release a steady jet of water at high pressure. This water is at such high pressure that it is able to blast away dirt and grime from hard-to-clean surfaces. The sheer force of the water on the surface removes any debris and stains. How tall is your building? Don’t worry if its facade needs cleaning at a certain height - we are able to use the jet washer while abseil window cleaning - for spotless results. If we haven’t seen your property before, get in contact so we can compile a quote for you.

Why choose the Power Washer?

This service is guaranteed to leave your building sparkling clean. It will make all features, including your windows, look brand new. It is also one of the most modern techniques available in the industry, and causes minimum disruption. As we mentioned, we have the flexibility to use these machines at great heights, so don’t worry if you would like us to clean your large residential or commercial property. Using these power washers is a sure-fire way to get the best results. Our experienced staff will be able to reduce time and hassle for your business.

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