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Moss Treatment

moss treatment in progress

Do you see excessive moss growth on your roof? Removing moss from the roof is absolutely necessary to ensure that your water drainage system is functioning properly. It is also necessary to prevent your roof from freezing. At Portland Exterior Cleaning Specialists, we are trained in several methods to remove moss from your roof. The removal of moss can prevent your roof tiles bursting at low temperatures, as moisture and rainwater can infiltrate the material. These cracks in turn increase the possibility of a leak in your roof. All this means you should act quickly to prevent more long-term, expensive damage.

Without Cleaning Agent

It is possible to remove moss from your roof without a cleaning agent. We would be happy to do this for you. Normally, removal of moss in this way does require the help of a high-pressure cleaner, and if possible we use a power-washer. Our team will always prioritise the health and safety of our customers and staff. They are all trained to work at great heights and take the appropriate precautions to ensure that the work is completed in a safe manner, with or without cleaning agents, in line with regulation.

With Cleaning Agent

When removing moss with a cleaning agent, the roof is first cleared as in the method described above. The trained professionals at our company will then spray your roof with a substance that is resistant to moss and algae. This provides an extra protection against moss and algae on your roof and its recurrence. Working on a roof with moss killer is particularly useful when working with handmade tiles or roof with other irregularities. This is because typically, these roofs are harder to clean! Our experienced roof cleaners will get the job done and leave your roof looking brand new.


Are you worried that the moss is going to grow back? Would you like to prevent it? Unfortunately, moss will always (eventually) grow back on your roof. However, so as to slow the growth of moss and the return of algae, you can choose to treat your roof tiles and slates with a moss resistant product after we have cleaned it. This will go a long way to restricting the growth of that pesky growth! We can apply a coating that ensures a smooth, moisture proof layer, preventing moss from sticking to the tiles. Just ask one of our experts for more information!


The price of moss removal from your roof can vary. For example, if you are looking to have your roof protected against harsh weather conditions, you might require a coating which is slightly more expensive. The exact price will also depend on the type of roofing on your residential or commercial property as well as the possible requirement of scaffolding. But don’t worry about trying to guess the price. Instead of worrying, feel free to contact someone from our customer services department who will be able to arrange a free and non-obligatory quote!

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