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Porland Window Cleaning

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    Welcome to our site! We deliver top quality window cleaning services to residential and commercial clients that include shops, schools, homes, restaurants and offices. We have been providing these services for over two decades. As a result, we have a long-standing and solid reputation as reliable window cleaners in the Portland area. This is something that we are very proud of and go to great efforts to sustain. We are able to provide window cleaners across Portland on a weekly, monthly or extended basis. Our status as a reputable window cleaning service is guaranteed by the hard work of our employees!

    About Us

    Our staff are hard working, courteous and professionally trained in all aspects of window cleaning and repair. They are also capable of cleaning or repairing your gutters should it be required. With Portland Exterior Cleaning Specialists, you don’t have to worry about delay; we work to tight schedules and strive to be timely in our approach - delivering a quality service in the shortest possible time. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, if you require window cleaning services then consider us. We’ll work until you are satisfied!

    Our Services

    We offer all customers, big or small, residential or commercial, a variety of services to address all issues relating to window and gutter cleaning in Portland. We have taken great time and care to ensure that all of our offered services can be tailored to match your individual needs. We know that all of our clients are individual, and we can’t assume that any job will be the same. We listen attentively to your requirements before offering you the most affordable and sensible solution. Our services include residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning, power washing, roof and gutter cleaning, moss treatment and window repair. This comprehensive package guarantees that we will have the solution for you!

    professional exterior cleaner cleaning residential windows

    Residential Window Cleaning

    We offer all residents and property owners in Portland window cleaning services. It doesn’t matter where you live! We believe passionately that every home in Portland deserves sparkling windows, and we are here to help you get them. Our residential window cleaners can visit you bi-monthly, or can also accommodate ‘one-off’ window cleans if you have a special guest visiting. We are known for doing a thorough job; we’ll clean all the doors, sills and frames as well!

    professional exterior cleaner cleaning commercial windows

    Commercial Window Cleaning

    We draw on a wealth of experience cleaning windows for our extensive portfolio of commercial clients in Portland. We understand that every company's needs are different, as we are more than happy to accommodate them. We are highly regarded in professional circles, and work hard to protect this reputation by delivering consistently outstanding work; the cleanliness of your windows is our passion! We know how important appearances can be, and we want your business to shine. If you require commercial window cleaning, get in touch with us.

    “Portland Exterior Cleaning Specialists has been cleaning our windows for a number of years now. I really wouldn’t consider anyone else. The team is always timely, does a thorough job and are one of the more affordable cleaners in the area!” - Henry, K.

    Power Washing

    Our power-washers are able to clean your building and its outside features with minimal disruption. These machines will reduce the time that you spend on maintenance, and the high pressure guarantees spotless results every time! We are happy to assess your property, whether residential or commercial. It’s the perfect way to keep your building absolutely spotless. What’s more, we’ve also got the ability to use these machines at greater heights, so don’t worry if you own a large commercial space or home, we’ve got you covered!

    professional exterior cleaner power washing steps

    Roof and Gutter Cleaning

    We also employ a big team of roof and gutter cleaning experts. These guys work really hard to make sure that the service they provide you is quick, safe, durable and most importantly, affordable. They were hired based on their many years of experience doing this work. Not only that, they all have excellent customer service skills. This is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our roof and gutter cleaning package means we can offer clients in Portland a full exterior cleaning service. Is your facade looking a little tired? Just get on the phone and give us a call - we’d be happy to help!

    professional exterior cleaner cleaning roof and gutter

    “I have never been disappointed with the service we receive from Portland Exterior Cleaning Specialists. They always leave with our windows sparkling, and there’s no hassle!” Grace, L.

    house moss treatment in progress

    Moss Treatment

    Are you worried about the excessive moss on your roof? Have you been told about the potential costly and serious dangers that too much moss can cause? We are also specialists in moss removal, and can work on your residential or commercial property to help prevent your roof from cracking and leaking. If the moss were to be left, your roof might freeze as a result of the moisture and if left untreated could cause structural damage to your property. Act quickly and take preventative measures like using Portland Exterior Cleaning Specialists for all your moss removal needs!

    “The cleaners at Portland Exterior Cleaning Specialists were friendly and professional. Not only this, they are really reliable and come at a competitive price. Great guys! ” Tom, A.

    Contact Us Today

    Our experience makes us well-established professionals in the window cleaning industry. We work with different types of clients, residential and commercial, for whom we provide a variety of different services. As such, we can guarantee our ability to provide you with a bespoke solution. If you think that your property might require a window cleaner, or your gutters cleared, then we are the company for you. Please get in touch with us using the contact details we have provided on this website and we will be happy to get back to you. We are more than happy to talk further through the services that we can offer; and provide you with a free quote and advice on the most appropriate course of action.